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Sicula sugnu: a voyage into my Sicily with the same surprise and curiosity as if Eva came here now!!!

martedì 11 marzo 2014

I diavuli di la Zisa!

there are many places we can describe as really magic in Sicily!

The Zisa Palace is really magic for its amazing beauty 
but some visitors maybe don't know that 
the Zisa Palace has something else magic to offer ..
and I experienced it!

In the archway that welcomes into the superb fountain hall 
on the ground floor
there's a fresco representing some mythological images: 
the Gods of the Olimpo
said to be the guardians of treasure hidden there

Everybody nicknames them as the Devils of the Zisa
as nobody can't really count exactly how many they are
and it is said that when somebody will do it 
Poverty will die in Palermo!

Tha's why there's a  very popular way of saying in Palermo
when  there's somethng wrong 
or when it's terribly windy and stormy : 
"E chi su li diavoli di la Zisa?"

What I can say is that exactly when I was trying to count those figures a few days ago
a very strong wind came and some lamps broke.

The guardians commented: 
"The devils...and now who pays for them? we need to collect money ,because if we wait it from The regione Sicilia...!!"

So....the devils? 
just a storm coming 
or the very good ventilation system that the architects cleverly made for the Zisa Palace ??

I diavoli di la Zisa

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