Sicula sugnu

Sicula sugnu: a voyage into my Sicily with the same surprise and curiosity as if Eva came here now!!!

My Sicily revealed: tours

private tours with a licensed local guide
in the South East of Sicily 

               Ancyent Syracuse

a melting pot of cultures ,styles and traditions

  •       Lights & colours 
  •          Within the isle 
  •         At the time of Archimedes 
  •         Stupor Mundi

 The memory of the island

  between faith and superstition

  •      The Jewish Syracus
  •         On the routes of St. Paul 
  •         Myth and Papyrus 
  •           Hig and low


Baroque stone lacework:

A voyage into the Sicilian Unesco’s World Heritage 

  •    Noto, the noble Golden Garden of ston
  •   the pleseant flavours of the County of Modica 

The Operation Husky 

Sicily at the time of  the World War  II

  •      from the landing to the  Armistice:
         the assault to the three bridges


  Towards South

tracing old fishing  tunny nets

  • Marzamemi and Portopalo : 
Mediterranean  landscapes in a warm atmosphere

 Montalbano & Friends

nvestigating,swimming and eating 
into the places of the most famous Italian Inspector:

  • Vigata, Marinella, Montelusa, la Mannara 
and more…

The Mediterranean rainbow

Gourmet tours, farmhouses and thematic cooking lessons 
at the discovery of the  local  flavours

  •          Red& blue : fishing and  cherry tomato
  •      Brown& green: chocolate, almonds and extra virgin olive oi   
    •          Yellow& red: cheese and wine
    •      Train your nose & mouth : a fragrance journey into 
      •      the aromatic and officinal  herbs of Sicily


 A Route on your Roots

 Genealogical  research, assistance and interpreting service

  •  Who You Are: 
tailor-made  tours for a real life experience
 back to your roots

For further information please contact me at:

+ 39.347 75 33 898

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