Sicula sugnu

Sicula sugnu: a voyage into my Sicily with the same surprise and curiosity as if Eva came here now!!!

mercoledì 8 gennaio 2014

in the heart of Siracusa: the Latomia of Capucins

So called as it was property of the annexed Capucins' friars convent till 1866
these Latomie (stone quarries)
are among the largest and ancient quarries of the Greek Syracuse

 a luxury Mediterranean vegetation 
into the heart of the modern city today

they still show clearly the traces 
of the stone blocks extracted for buildings
since the VI BC

and maybe
(Thucidites quotes the episode)

they where the tragic prisons
 of the thousands of Atheniens soldiers
captured after their defeat  (V BC)
in the Great Harbour,
 not far away from these places

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