Sicula sugnu

Sicula sugnu: a voyage into my Sicily with the same surprise and curiosity as if Eva came here now!!!

martedì 3 settembre 2013

extra- actors in the set of Montalbano !

Through the whole summer, here in Italy every Monday evening we  could have still enjoyed the old Inspector Montalbano's episodes ( the best to me).
Just last week  RAI  1 broadcast  ROUNDING THE MARK which was partly set in my Siracusa.
I recognized  the location of  Piazza Duomo and the Vermexio Palace in Ortigia.
It reminded me a funny episode that occured that day !

It was 2005, an early lovely spring morning in Ortigia at about 8.30

 I had just started the walking tour in Ortigia,coming from the harbour with a group of British people  arrived in Siracusa by a cruise. it is not very common to start a tour in Siracusa from the old city that is usually where mostly people go after visiting the archaeological sights or museums.
I was slowly walking coming from via Landolina ,so that the picture above shows you exactly my point f view approaching the square!
 I noticed that the floor was wet  although it hadn't rained at all,but I didn't care . 
I was jsut thinking that Ortigia early morning is so quiet,silent and more beautiful than ever. 
I was so  distracted by my thoughts...that arriving almost at the centre of the square with my group,  I didn't see a group of people and a man (Luca Zingaretti) dressed in blue, walking .
All at once we  heard a male voice shouting through a  megaphone: 

"Signorina che vogliamo fare????  torna indietro o se li porta dentro in chiesa e resta lì finchè abbiamo finito?? "
 that is 
 " Miss. what would you like to do? Do you come back...or  go straight into the church and stay there till we have finished??? "

Me and my tourists turned all around ..and then I could recognized  close to the church of St. Lucia alla Badia the Inspector Montalbano  and his  famous Fiat Tipo parked there
I smiled and smiled and smiled.....shaking the flag of my group a little!

In a few seconds the man with the megaphone came to us and introduced himself..I explained that none had stopped us and apologized for the inconvenient!..
I was talking with him and at the same time  looking  at Zingaretti and thinking  (hmm He looks much taller on Tv !! )
We moved into the Duomo quickly and stayed  there for a while ( i think more than 15 minutes)

Obviously my British tourists asked me which movie, which actor as I was so excited !...I  explained about the Inspector Montalbano and its great popularity  in Italy and Sweden !! but they didn't care..they did'n t know him
Not Yet!
If only that episode had happened in these days, my British ladies would have been happy to meet Luca Zingaretti.

Now Montalbano  and Camilleri's crime stories have really captured the  British publicand  from next Saturday BBC4 will broadcast the prequel The Young Montalbano: will they like it?

I did!

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