Sicula sugnu

Sicula sugnu: a voyage into my Sicily with the same surprise and curiosity as if Eva came here now!!!

giovedì 1 agosto 2013

towards a (sicilian ) healthy lifestyle

 up above 
this is what it's in my shower box today:
baking soda x shampoo
vinegard x hair conditioner : 1/4 vinegard  and 3/4 water
body soap: hand made local olive oil (my auntie's hands made it! )
body and face scrub.: Hyblean honey and sugar: 1/2 honey  and 1/2 sugar
face cleaning soap: local olive oil and water: 1/3 oil and 2/3 water

 down below
what was in my shower box till a few weeks ago:
expensive and  chemical stuff

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