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Sicula sugnu: a voyage into my Sicily with the same surprise and curiosity as if Eva came here now!!!

giovedì 11 aprile 2013

Topalbano sono! Montalbano & Micky Mouse

Yes it's true!
Today  Montalbano alias Topalbano enters into the Walt Disney World.


Topolino(Micky Mouse) and Minnie have an holiday in Sicily but, wandering between monuments and beautiful landscapes Minnie disappears!
What to do? Topolino looks for her lover   but then he decides to ask for help to the famous investigator the Commissario Topalbano and joins him in Viggata starting together a Micky Mouse detective story...

In the cartoon Vigata is called Viggata, Montalbano is a big mouse called Topalbano and Quaqquarella (Catarella in the movie) and Ninì ( Mimi, the agent friend of Montalbano)

Their adventures run from the valley of the Temples (Andrea Camilleri is born in Porto Empedocle near Agrigento) and Punta Secca (near Ragusa where Montalbano's house is in the successful Tv fiction)

looking for Topalbano!!

Andrea Camilleri declaired to be honoured and pleased by the news. He worked as   supervisor for Disney's project  and to him it was like winning a Nobel Prize.
To the question of What His Montalbano and  Disney's Topalbano have in common, Camilleri said: 

"a moral integrity,a good intuition and....
 love for good food and...
love problems with her eternal girlfriend"

What does Camilleri desire? 
to live as long as Topolino!

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