Sicula sugnu

Sicula sugnu: a voyage into my Sicily with the same surprise and curiosity as if Eva came here now!!!

giovedì 21 marzo 2013

to Jann

Sometimes We Sicilian think to be the best people in the world..
We are told to be very hospitable, polite and friendly 
It's all true, of course
we often forget that everybody can be and ,of course, it's not a question of nationality.

Today I met a dear virtual friend, met months ago here blogging.

I was attracted by her blog first for her beautiful photoes and the way she tells us Her Sicily through her pictures: the point of view of a foreigner living in Sicily! great!
I always try to look at Sicily through my tourists'eyes and  I 'm very curious , still  learning  from them about Us ,Sicily and Sicilian .

Today,my ex - virtual  friend invited me for lunch: she opened her green doorway with an overwhelming smile and I immediately  felt at home, although we were absolutely unknow each other till then!
She opened her house to me as if I were an old friend  of hers

Nothing strange....this is excatly what I'd have done in her shoes..but I did'nt expect she could do for me
(how diffident Sicilian are!!! )

A few days ago I saw a cooking book about Sicilian cuisine, with Italian and Sicilian and English text and immediately I thought to her, to my virtual blogger friend who is learning how to  cook Italian in these days.
No hesitation.I bought  it and decided to go to give my present.
Why? I just felt it  and I was happy to do it

grazie Jann!

it's not easy sometimes to live in Sicily when you realise that many things don't work..but listening to you about the genuine lifestyle, about the humanity about simplicity you enjoy here I moved , I was happy !

a presto


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  1. The pleasure was all mine, Lucia. What fun for 2 fellow bloggers to finally meet! Thank you for the gift of your book and your lovely company. (Sorry you had so many steps to climb up and down!)
    Hugs & kisses,