Sicula sugnu

Sicula sugnu: a voyage into my Sicily with the same surprise and curiosity as if Eva came here now!!!

mercoledì 20 marzo 2013

the story of Sicily:things from Casa Nostra

- How to tell you the story of Sicily?

here a short summary of a land of beauty and contraddictions:

(I tried an English version):

180 millions years ago among a coral reef
Madonie Nebrodi Peloritani and Erei appeared
it's hot
flora fauna and short elephants
Etna came out  from submarine eruptions
Stentinello 5000 years ago
Sicani defeated by the Siculi
Pantalica and the city of deads

Sailors and Phenicians 
sea urchins and sword fish
Naxos and Siracusa
theatres carved into the rock
Polyphemus and the mermaids

Archimedes and his specchi ustori
Scilla and Carybdis
Punic wars and Roman
wheat and gladiators

Vandals Ostrogothic and Byzantine
Arabs and Normans
oranges and lemons
scimitars and sheiks
irrigations and architecture
pottery and cassate

Frederick II and the Sicilian poetry school
Aragonese and Angevins
the first Parliament and the Vespers
when the French made us angry
then peace treaty at Caltabellotta

Hasburg and Charles V
the Bourbons and the Kingdom of Two Sicily
Garibaldi wounded
Piedmontese and Carabinieri
The Lepard  and puppeters
Unification of Italy

Earthquake in Messina
gangsters and Mafia
coppola and lupara
Giovanni Verga and Luigi Pirandello
migration and World Wars

the Alliers landing and Lucky Luciano
the sicilian  caffè corretto
Placido Rizzotto and Totuccio Impastato

Tano Badalamenti and Marlon Brando plays The Godfather
Buscetta and Dalla Chiesa
Andreotti and La Mafia
the case of Mattei and the strange case of Sindona

Pizza Connection
Falcone and the maxi-trial
Totò Schillaci at the World Championship
the slaugther in Capaci and via d'Amelio

the money of Ciancimino, Cuffaro and Lombardo
the bridge on the Straits of Messina and the ferries of Franza..

..and then..
I'd could tell you more

but then
the island was eaten by the sea.

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