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Sicula sugnu: a voyage into my Sicily with the same surprise and curiosity as if Eva came here now!!!

mercoledì 27 febbraio 2013

Montalbano? Coming soon

ciak si gira!- last summer at the stairs of  St. George in Modica!

Good news for Montalbano's followers!

New  4 episodes  for new investigations by the not at all  conventional Inspector coming next spring on Italian TV:

here the Italian titles:

La Lama di Luce
Una Voce di notte
Il sorriso di Angelica
Il gioco degli specchi

a presto!

2 commenti:

  1. Thanks for the update, Lucia. For a minute I couldn't tell which of those 3 bald guys was Montalbano. I hope they put those new ones on DVD with English subtitles soon! Because I finished all his old ones, I had to resort to watching THE YOUNG MONTALBANO. Not at all the same thing!!! (: Ciao and let me know if you get out my way.

  2. ciao jann
    hai ragione.....but I had eyes only for HIm so I could easily recognise Zingaretti in the picture...
    Didn't you like the YOUNG MONTALBANO? it was quite good I think..but using more Sicilian dialect than the older!
    Un abbraccio