Sicula sugnu

Sicula sugnu: a voyage into my Sicily with the same surprise and curiosity as if Eva came here now!!!

sabato 1 dicembre 2012

memories in photoes part II

school trip towards Greece

Many people, friends and relatives , have been asking  me if I wanted to become a tourist guide..
Yes I wanted and I remember exactly the moment I decided!
When I was a teenager I liked various professions (journalist, fashion stylist and interpreter) but  I discovered this wonderful job during a school trip in Greece .
We had a very good guide there for three days  . He was so nice, professional, passionate and I fell in love with this job
Yes I think it was that  moment when I said to myself: I want to be a  TOURIST GUIDE !
Here I am, after 18 years, still doing my job with great passion and curiosity , happy to meet every day new people and sharing with them my love for my Sicily!

*Jann now you know!

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