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Sicula sugnu: a voyage into my Sicily with the same surprise and curiosity as if Eva came here now!!!

venerdì 19 ottobre 2012

great preview: the bronze Etruscan helmet from the British Museum to Siracusa

Dr Dirk Booms from the British Museum

 A great preview today for the press at the archaeological museum " Paolo Orsi"  in Siracusa: the opening of the precious box coming from the British Museum containig the Bronze Etruscan helmet donated by Hieron I, tyrant of Siracusa, who, sending its fleet  in help of Cuma , took a memorable victory in 474. BC. 
It nterrupted the overcoming supremacy of the Etruscans, the leading culture in the Tyrennian sea.

The helmet was captured at battle and shows the inscription that Hieron I asked to write before offering it at the Olimpia ,once deposited at the sanctuary of Zeus.

It was discovered by a British ambassador in Costantinople in 1817, then donated to his Admiral who brought it at the court of George IV. The British Crown offered it to the British Museum of London

It was exciting to see the scene this morning, just for few people at the presence of Amleto Trigilio -the Regional Representative of the Fine Arts department ,Beatrice Basile- the Director of the Museum "Paolo Orsi" and Orazio Micali -the local Representative of the Fine Arts department in Siracusa 

The Paolo Orsi Museum welcomes the beautiful helmet in the round chamber with a detailed exhibition about the war theme in the ancient times

Offcial  opening Sunday 21th at 5.oo pm

the exhibiton from 21th October  2012 to 6th january 2013

the inscription translates 'Hieron, son of Deinomenes, and the Syracusans, [dedicated] to Zeus Etruscan [spoils]from Cumae

 We are proud to tell you that the last name in this list "Carlo Castello " is the local guide in Siracusa who suggested such a great idea to the authorities, during the agreements of cultural exchanges between Sicily and the 2012 Olimpic games in London . 

Grazie Carlo di cuore|

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