Sicula sugnu

Sicula sugnu: a voyage into my Sicily with the same surprise and curiosity as if Eva came here now!!!

giovedì 2 agosto 2012

Smile and food with Alessia

 Yes, it's true ! Smile and food with Alessia!

If you come in Siracusa, don't miss a cooking lesson with Alessia!
She has a great experience and above all she's a genuine sicilian and likes Sicilian traditional food!
At the market you can choose together the best fish of the day....and have great fun visiting  charming food stalls..

Last time we found fresh SPATOLA ...(someone told me in English is called  "sea or silver -belt" but I'm not sure)

ask to the fisherman to cut for you long fillets of spatola to stuff them , or , with the help of Alessia you can learn how to do....removing the bones in the right way... 

 Ingredients for the stuff: breadcrumbs, eggs,orange juice and orange peel,racins, capers,garlic,origano,wild fennel's seeds,almonds,peanuts,chili pepper...

As far as the quantity for each ingredients .....I can't tell you exactly because Alessia ,with great experience, "fa ad occhio"..that is she uses "her eye"...

Mix all together and then spread  on each fillet and roll it.
In a pan quicly fry fresh onions on olive oil and drops of white wine and put the rolled fish just for 3 or 4 minutes

The spatola is very delicate and its taste is really good!

'U masculinu

You can use the same recipe for anchoves (in sicilian Masculinu) or for sardines,after keeping them on vinegard for about 10 minutes 

Here with Michael and Janet from Australia

And a wonderful water melon ( in Sicily commonly called 'u Meluni) after so many delicious courses..

for further information please contact Alessia on her website :

Vistate il sito

Troverete tutto su Alessia e la sua cucina!
un'esperienza da non perdere
durante il vostro soggiorno
in Sicilia

Trovate Alessia anche alla pagina di Fb :
Alessia smileand food

pochi giorni fa Alessia ha pubblicato questa ricetta di involtini di spatola all'arancia (testo in italiano)
Buon appetito!

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