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Sicula sugnu: a voyage into my Sicily with the same surprise and curiosity as if Eva came here now!!!

mercoledì 10 agosto 2011

Anne and Infasciatelli from Agira

In Agira in the province of Enna people still do traditional biscuits called Infasciatelli...
Their name comes from the strips they make to shape the biscuits.

One year ago I was the middle of Sicily together with a very nice Couple from USA looking for information about their relatives moving in the States in the beginning of last century.
She is a very good journalist and writer and we met before during an Educational tour for American tour operators arranged by Sicily. She came back to Sicily again with her family after writing an article about Siracusa and I still thanks her for the nice words she had for me...(look for in DREAMOFITALY -volume 8, Issue 7 -spt 2009

During our time  it was a pleasure to offer the Infasciatelli without knowing that she had a memory of them as her granny's biscuits.
She was very happy, I was very happy too.....
Yesterday she wrote to me asking the recipe of the Infascitelli she needs for an article....


So here it is for Anne and all of you:

Mostra immagine a dimensione intera


1 kg dose:

a)      stuffed:

1 kg honey
750 gr  almonds already toasted and peeled
550 gr flour

Put honey on the fire without boiling it
Crush the almonds and paste together with ¼ of flour. Put the almonds crashed in the middle of the flour!
Pour honey in the middle of the crater of flour and add some more flour slowly and paste it. Gently.
You must have a soft paste.
Make it cool

b)      Soft paste:

For every kg of stuffed you need:

600 gr sugar
4 eggs
500 gr lard
1,250 kg flour

Prepare the paste as usual.
When it‘s ready, roll it out not to thin and then cut rectangular strips of 2 cm side.
Put some stuffed in each rectangular enveloping each of them like a rope.
Put the Infasciatelli in a  oiled pan and bake them for 10 minutes
When they are ready, still very hot put sugar dust and cinemon on them

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